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November 20th, 2009
Shouldn’t Tasks be Easier (the 2nd Time Around)?
Shouldn’t a task be “easier” the second time you do it?
Shouldn’t events become less “challenging” the more you encounter them?
Shouldn’t a series of tasks flow “smoother” when you repeat it over and over?
Well, “yes,” “yes” and “yes.” Unfortunately, it’s not automatic...

October 21st, 2008
Everything You Wanted to Know (about Energy Prices)
In this past week, Iíve started working on the 2008 Home Energy Affordability Gap analysis which will be issued by Fisher Sheehan & Colton next spring. A major part of this front end effort is to find the retail price of different energy sources and different end uses on the web. Iím not starting from scratch. This wil be the 6th Home Energy Affordability Gap Iíve helped with. So, I pretty much know where to go on the web to find what I need. But as I collected all of this data, I was once again struck by the vastness of the information available on the internet...

October 9th, 2008
Conditions in XL’s Custom Number Formats
I consider myself an Excel expert, a black belt power user. Not quite techy enough to be a developer, but knowledgeable well beyond 98% of Excel users. I read the blogs and cruise the web sites of the “acknowledged” Excel gurus and occasionally I pick-up a tidbit. Well, it happened this morning...

September 30th, 2008
Cash Really is the Life Blood
I’ve been doing the bookkeeping (on a project basis) for a “small” marketing company since August 1st. They do around $2M in annual revenue. Basically, I’m responsible for everything “financial” but payroll and benefits. The company has other 3rd party vendors doing payroll and benefits. Anyway, in the eight plus weeks I’ve been working with this company...