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Our Resource Library

One goal of Accounting Insights is to spread a knowledge of Management Accounting far and wide.

With that end in mind, the following resources are provided for your use.

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There are two types of knowledge. One is to know a thing. The other is knowing where to find it.

Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)
English lexicographer and author

Sections of the Library

  • Written by Stephen D. Colton
    This first section of our Library archives journal articles, white papers, reports and other publications written by Stephen D. Colton. These documents often explain conceptual break-through's in process-based cost management or illustrate unique applications of the process model of business.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint® Presentations
    Stephen D. Colton often finds himself in front of a group of people and supported by a Powerpoint® presentation. This section of our Library contains links to some of his presentations.

Many of the documents in our library are stored as Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf) files. To view these files, download the free Acrobat® Reader®.

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