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Special Studies

Accounting Insights provides economic and management insights to clients through special studies. Study projects have been done for organizations in both the public and private sector and typically include one or more or the following components:

  • A document search and literature review.
  • A search for “best practices.”
  • Documentation and measurement of existing (as-is) program activities and outputs. An assessment of program efficiency.
  • Measurement of program outcomes. An evaluation of program effectiveness.
  • Recommendations for improving both process efficiency and program outcomes.

Special study projects take on many different names (e.g., needs assessment, program evaluation, operational analysis) but the common thread is the need for an organization to evaluate, understand and improve its processes and outcomes.

The Lingo

Business Process
A business process is a set of coordinated tasks and activities, conducted by both people and equipment, that will lead to accomplishing a specific organizational goal. Business process management is a systematic approach to improving those processes.

An outcome is a description of the intended result, effect, or consequence that will occur from carrying out a program or activity. It is the end result that is sought (examples: in the private sector, financial profitability; in the public sector, cleaner air or reduced incidence of disease). It is important to distinguish between program services (i.e., program activities and their outputs) and program outcomes.

Project Gallery-1

Process Assessment
Georgia Department of Human Resources

In collaboration with the Boston-based firm of Fisher, Sheehan & Colton, Accounting Insights was to assess the operational barriers to effective tuberculosis control within homeless shelters in Fulton County, Georgia. The project's effort built on work completed by the consultants in a prior engagement for OSHA.

Georgia DHR

The operational analysis focused on developing a description and assessment of homeless shelter processes and then recommending operational enhancements that would improve the control of tuberculosis. Shelter processes such as (1) referral and placement procedures, (2) intake processes, and (3) screening and isolation procedures were examined.

More About This Project
  •  Needs Assessment of Fulton County Homeless Shelters (ppt)
  •  Final Report-Fulton County Homeless Shelters (pdf)

Project Gallery-2

New Process Design
Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT)

Lenhardt & Colton, LLC with Stephen Colton as a principal consultant was engaged to design and implement two new processes a Consultant Pre-qualification process and a new Consultant Performance Evaluation system. The new processes were to reflect industry best practices in both Consultant pre-qualification and Consultant evaluation.

Georgia DHR

Results of this project can be found on the Mn/DOT Consultant Services web site. This project required a unique combination of process development skills and facilitation skills from the consultant team.

More About This Project
  •  Best Practices in Consultant Pre-Qualification (ppt)
  •  Best Practices in Consultant Evaluation (ppt)

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