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Financial Analyses
& Decision Support

This Is the essence of Management Accounting.

A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) specializes in providing information about a company's operations to parties external to the company such as the IRS, bankers or shareholders. A primary focus is on standardized reporting and achieving compliance with applicable regulations.

A Certified Management Accountant (CMA), on the other hand, specializes in providing information about a company's operations to its internal managers. The focus is on developing relevant and timely information to help internal managers resolve the problems and make the decisions that arise on a day-to-day basis.

Providing management information and analysis means answering questions. Accounting Insights specializes in reducing complex financial circumstances into simple models that we can then manipulate to examine different alternatives and answer your questions.

Project Gallery

Budget Planning & Reporting at RPU
The firm was engaged to help Rochester Public Utilities (RPU) design and implement a budget planning and reporting process. Budget planning wasn't new to RPU, but in years gone by the budget for RPU had been developed solely for the organization as a whole, and Accounting had done the planning. RPU’s General Manager wanted that to change. He wanted budgets developed at a cost center level and he wanted his cost center managers actively engaged in the budget planning and reporting processes. The budget reporting metrics have subsequently become an integral component of RPU’s enterprise measurements

More About Budget Planning / Reporting
  •  A Budget Reporting Process (ppt)
  •  Budgeting for Profit (pdf)
  •  Alternatives to Guesswork (pdf)
  •  Implement a Budget Process (pdf)

Financial Analyses

How Do These Alternatives Compare?

How Do These Alternatives Compare?

Accounting Insights provides a full range of the standard financial analyses often used by management decision-makers to compare alternatives. Among others, these include:

  •  Lease or Buy analysis,
  •  Make or Buy analysis, and
  •  Investment analyses (ROI, NPV, Payback)

Our experience is that cookie-cutter analyses are seldom useful. Accounting Insights tailors its financial analyses and customizes the information delivered to meet your unique needs.

Budget Planning / Reporting

The Best Analogy is a TripTik

Companies, like travelers, need maps and road signals to chart their journey and navigate their course. Developing the course of your journey is budget planning. Budget reporting provides signals so that you can make “mid-course adjustments”. Accounting Insights can help with both.

If you need hands-on help, we can do that. Accounting Insights can provide the CFO-level leadership and the staff accountant number-crunching to develop a budget for your company or report the implications of your budget variances.

If you need someone to assist and mentor your key internal personnel, we can do that. Accounting Insights can help your people develop the budget for your company and analyze subsequent budget variances. We have over 25 years of experience teaching both accounting and non-accounting staff the tips and tricks of budget planning and reporting.

Cash: Is There Enough?

Cash: Is There Enough?

Cash flow- the lifeblood of your business

More companies fail from lack of cash than from want of profits. On a week-to-week basis, it’s vital to know if you have enough cash to meet the payroll and pay your vendors. In the long term, it’s important to know if you will have enough cash to grow the business: to buy needed capital, launch new products and enter new markets.

Accounting Insights has the spreadsheet tools, the forecasting process and the experience to help your company project its short-term and long-term cash requirements.

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